Our friends over at Two Trees Productions are casting for their new short film so we've decided to share their casting call with our audience. Two Trees' Director, Greg Beck, is an excellent director and this is a good opportunity to get a professional quality short film under your belt. Check it out and definitely submit if you're interested! 


Casting Notice

Two Trees Productions, LLC is excited to announce that it is casting for a short film to be distributed on the festival circuit. The invitation-only audition will be held on June 22, 2016 in Fort Worth, and the actual film will be shot July 11 and 12th.  Locations are comprised of various sites in Fort Worth, TX. Please only apply if you can make these dates.  We are looking for experienced actors only.  To be considered for an invitation to audition, you must have a reel, resume and head shot available to send via email only.  Be sure to include your contact email and phone number.  We also encourage you to send links of your work on Vimeo or Youtube.  (Please don’t send video attachments.) We want to see you on screen, so even if you need to post a slate of you simply telling us “hello,” please do just that, or you could blow our doors off and do something interesting that might be relevant to our story line.  Use your imagination and creative skills.  We’re looking for collaborative partners.

The Producer

Dr. Tricia Jenkins, Ph.D.  - Texas Christian University 

Tricia is an associate professor of Film, TV and Digital Media (FTDM) at TCU. She is also active in the film festival community; she served as a faculty mentor for the American Pavilion Program at the Cannes Film Festival, currently serves as a screener for the Austin Film Festival, and has moderated sponsored panels at the Hill Country Film Festival. 

The Director 

Gregory A. Beck – Two Trees Productions, LLC 

Gregory is the owner of Two Trees Productions, LLC and has produced and directed over 200 TV commercials, short films, industrial films and music videos since 2002.

The Writer

Rebecca Semik

Rebecca is enrolled in the MFA Screenwriting program at Boston University.  She is also an honor’s graduate of TCU’s FTDM Department.  

The Story

Carter is a well-positioned, young business entrepreneur, dealing with an ailing mother and the pressures of a new marriage. The short screenplay is comprised of scenes from “Baby Steps,” the 2016 Hill Country Film Festival’s winner for Best Feature Screenplay.  


Low-budget/No-pay production 

Actors, crew, producers and directors will not receive financial compensation for their work.  We will provide catering for snacks and food for cast and crew on the days of shooting. 


Role #1: “Carter” - Male, 25-35, married, gay professional, and Bird Lady’s son. He is very concerned about his responsibility for his mother’s care.

Role #2: “Bird Lady” - Female, should appear to be in her mid-60s, disheveled. She is Carter’s mother and shows early onset of dementia/Alzheimer’s.

 Role #3: “Gardener” – male or female, 40-60.  Works the grounds of the park Bird Lady frequents.

Role #4: “Anthony” – Carter’s supporting, but challenging, husband.  

Please send resume and head shot via email only with "Bird Lady" in subject line.  




Phone: 817-343-1930